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Taizhou Hongtian Air Tools Co., Ltd is located in Luqiao District, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China. We are near the street of Luqiao Logistics, with convenient transportation. Our company is an integrated one of development, production and service, and is professional in air tool manufacturing. We have a possession of tremendous strength and talented technique.

Our main products include spray gun, air tools kit, air blow gun, high pressure washing gun, caulking gun, hopper gun, tire inflating gun with pressure gauge, air filter regulator & lubricator, air hose, air compressors, etc. We can also manufacture various types of spray guns according to the demand of our customers and offer OEM service.

Agents are located in different cities at home, and also we export to Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, East Europe, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the Middle East, Burma and South East. Our products are very popular among our customers. High quality products come from carefulness and profession, and we have been carrying on the pioneering spirit of firmness, enterprise and creation.

Over-flowing with enthusiasm, brilliance, and sharp renovation to pursue glory, our company sticks to the managerial doctrine of "Customer First, and Sharp Advancement" and adheres to the principle of "Customer First" to offer our customers superior service. Friends from at home and abroad are warmly welcomed to visit our company.

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